Goals match Germany and France in the semi-final of the European Nations 2-0

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Jerizman lead France to resolve the German node and qualify for the final of the Euro
France team qualified for the final of the UEFA European Championship for the third time in its history, facing Portugal, having overcome the obstacle of the German counterpart, two straight, on Thursday evening, the "Velodrome" Stadium in the French city of Marseille at the end of the semi-finals of the Championship "Euro 2016 ".

Antoine Jerizman scored both goals to win for Les Bleus came first from the penalty spot a minute (45 +2), and the second follow-up to the rebound of the German goalkeeper Neuer per minute (72), raising Jerizman tally to (6 goals) to singing solo at the top of the list of scorers Burreau 2016.

And book the French team to qualify for the final card, "Lior 2016," to strike a date with a firearm Portugal, going over Wales (2-0) in the semifinals, Sunday evening on the stadium "de France," the Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis.

And breaking the France team German node and managed to inflict loss Balmanchavt for the first time in the major leagues to avenge the defeat against Germany (0-1) in the World Cup, "Brazil 2014", as well as to Khsartah front of the machines in the semifinals titles at the 1982 World Cup 1986, the finalists for the third Final him Having already achieving the title in the European championships in 1984 and 2000 at the expense of Spain and Italy respectively.

Came the beginning of the meeting, a strong and hit Jerizman powerful shot saved brilliantly Manuel Neuer, goalkeeper Germany, saving a certain goal for France in a minute (7), Emery was shot responded to Germany saved by French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris brilliantly saving a certain goal as well (13), followed by Thomas Mueller shot that came within reach Loris (14).

Players in Germany called for a penalty after being hampered Oomettiti breakthrough Mueller in the penalty area but the referee was Italian Nicola Rizula demanded the resumption of play (21), and Payet fired a shot saved by Manuel Neuer steadfastly per minute (24).

Prey Loris opportunity strong German shot Schweinsteiger (26), before roaring Thomas Mueller achieving goals for Germany after failing to tame the occasional Hector up easy reach of the French goalkeeper Loris (31), while paid Bojba a shot from a fixed blow came within reach Neuer (37).

And hit Mueller fired a shot saved by Hugo Lloris (39), and then from a corner called Schweinsteiger with a penalty after being hampered by Bojba but Italian referee called for the resumption of play (40), before paying off Bojba powerful ball to France passed next to the German-based (41).

Came ahead on the French national team a penalty calculated Italian referee Rizula after being hampered by Bastian Schweinsteiger rival Patrice Evra inside the penalty area with a warning to Chweinhtger, translated Jerizman penalty to goal in the nets goalkeeper Manuel Neuer per minute (45 +2), is the fifth French star in the tournament to end after the first half, the progress of France against Germany (1-0).

In the second half, Jerizman came close to adding a second goal for France with a shot swerving Manuel Neuer brilliantly (47), and absent effective for their players prey for France to defend all attempts to attack Germany.

And the payment of Joachim Loew, coach bonuses, alter landing after an injury where Boateng pay Bmostafi on his account (60), before being the second switch of the machines with the participation of Mario Jotzh instead of Emery was to activate the offensive side (66).

And passed onto a Kona next to the German-based (64), while Neuer parried the Stressed Payet (67), which other French coach Deschamps defensive player and the axial center Njulu Kanti to secure the center of the French pitch (71).

At the minute (72) and the start of Bojba from the left side where the manipulation of the German guns Kimic before playing the occasional enables Neuer to tip the ball to hit the supervisor Jerizman who put his foot in the German net, scoring his second goal and France at the meeting, and sixth of the tournament.

German attempts came to make up for the result and reduce the random difference completely and hit Draxler shot narrowly wide (76), before France coach Ptbdelh second pays the participation of Gignac on the Giro account (78), in turn pay Loew alternative Leroy Sane on Schweinsteiger expense (79).

Shot Mostafi powerful ball passed over the French crossbar (79), followed by Hovides another attempt lost its way toward the goal (82), it was reported Jerizman, the star of the first meeting, a shot saved by Manuel Neuer (86), before addressing Noir to try Gignac (88) .

He participated Yohan Cabaye at the expense of Man of the Match Antoine Jerizman (90 +1) and kept the French on their progress, and enables Loris to address the goal of an investigator from Kimic and kept a clean sheet for the game ended with the victory of France over Germany (2-0) and qualify for the final round to face Portugal in the final of Euro next Sunday.
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