Mediama - Ghana 3: 1 Young Africans - Tanzanie

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Mediama and Yang Ofrickanz match in the African Confederation, where a team Mediama Ghanaian hosts team Young Africkanz Tanzanian on home turf in the framework of matches of the fourth round of the group stage for the championship Confederation of African match in the last chance for both teams if they are to qualify for the semi-finals of the Confederation of African through the first group, which includes all of the MO Béjaïa Algerian Loti Mazembe Congolese ..

Where the match will be Mediama Ghanaian and Yang Africkanz Tanzanian tomorrow, Tuesday, 26/07/2016 at exactly five o'clock pm Cairo time and six o'clock pm KSA on TNA Park Stadium on channels BNP Sport and led by Radwan good governance as part of the first group matches ..

Walsum enters his ground team Mediama Ghanaian In his quiver two points from two draws after three rounds of the passage from the group stage In the first round the team Ghanaian against Mazembe Congolese lost In the second round tied the team with MO Béjaïa Algerian goalless In the third round tied with Team Young Africkanz Tanzanian aim of each team seeks Ghanaian team to win in order to get to the point fifth revive hopes of reaching the semi-finals of the tournament ..

Where he suffered the guest team Young Africkanz Tanzanian in the first group after winning one point only after three rounds over after the loss of two games and tie the match in which the team began the first round loss to MO Béjaïa Algerian aim for nothing and lost the match two o'clock in the second round against a team TP Mazembe Congolese aim for nothing before the draw with Mediama Ghanaian aim of each team.

This arrangement you first set after three rounds, where the top of Group Congolese team TP Mazembe In second place comes the MC team Bejaia of Algeria and in third place comes Mediama Ghanaian In last place comes Yang Africkanz Tanzanian.

The game in the first group Club Mdema Ghanaian counterpart Yang Ofrickanz Tanzanian at the fifth evening Btovi Cairo in the framework of competitions the same tournament on the golf Radwan good, Ghana, occupies Mediama third place in the group with Nkotaitn Ptadlin loss while Yang Ofrickanz is in last place with one point from the draw and two defeats.

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