Video vs France, Portugal Euro final 0-1

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Portugal clinched the title of the European Championship "Euro 2016" for the first time in its history after the Odds and dropped away to the French in order to clean in the final meeting for the championship on Sunday evening on "Saint Denis" stadium in France.

Killer goal striker Eder Lopes in the 109 minutes of the match lasted 120 minutes, and grabbed the Portuguese team to win despite injury Cristiano Ronaldo's first star and he left in the 25th minute but the goalkeeper Patricio and the rest of his comrades deprived French cocks from shouting.

The game started pressing the French intensely since the first minutes, and drew Moussa Sissoko dangerous shot and almost French team opened the scoring in the ninth minute through a cross and great header Jerizman blocked by goalkeeper Patricio brilliantly shine is that other football of the Giro.

Issued Cristiano Ronaldo scene and fell to the ground after a wild challenge from Payet knee to leave the pitch in tears and is undergoing treatment in a bid to complete the encounter, and dashed Moussa Sissoko and organized a quick attack to the France team but vigilant defense Portugal saved the situation .. and renewed fall of Ronaldo to leave the pitch injured in the 25th minute and involved instead Ricardo Quaresma from him in a painful blow to Portugal.

Shine Moussa Sissoko and launched into the front right and passed the ball cross crashed into the game by Fonte and then a new emergence of Sissoko glittering in the 33 minute with a dangerous shot but Patricio guard Portugal wore a glove mastery of new and saved the ball brilliantly after reciprocal crosses between Jerizman and Payet, won Cedric Soares player Portugal's first a yellow card after a wild challenge.

And went to Loris guard France's own goal and played the role of sweeper brilliantly to spoil the onslaught of Portugal, it stated Luis Nani serious reel of Portugal after 37 serious breakthrough has not been completed on the goalkeeper Loris after a shot turned a corner and subjected Quaresma slightly injured and then the French team responded with a header taken by goalkeeper Patricio.

Payet hit the ball close to the Portuguese defense response and beyond the France team attempt by Joao Mario .. and fell Jerizman in calling for a penalty the penalty area and the referee refused you calculated, and passed Joao Mario pass without active follow-up to end the first half draw.

The rapid pace motto was the beginning of the second half featured a breakthrough from Portugal responded with the French team a dangerous cross pass blocked by goalkeeper Patricio brilliantly .. and beyond occasional defend Portugal and then close it raised Bojba rocket shot over the crossbar.

Portugal carried out after a cross from Joao Mario farthest Oomteta brilliantly, and stopped playing for a few minutes to enter encouraging the pitch before the France team being the first to change the revelation Koeman on Payet account that has not provided the expected throughout the 58 minutes of playing level, and appeared Jerizman weak shot in the hands of Patricio .

Portugal organized counter-attack fast almost snatched her progress, but defend France organized a spectacular diving save, and won Joao Mario yellow card and the imposition of Les Bleus blockade offensive on Portugal occasional passes and shots bounce at the feet of defenders and executed Koman active pass a dangerous cross to Jerizman who directed a header over the crossbar.

Portugal fielded second change Descent Joao Moutinho veteran to adjust the rhythm of midfield at the expense of Adrienne Silva in the 66th minute and drew Koeman rocket-propelled grenade went narrowly wide and dashed Alternative active in a quick attack a cross drifted away from the defense the Portuguese and then nodded lost to France before starring goalkeeper Patricio and it saves Anfrada of Koeman industry out of the Giro, who placed but Portugal goalkeeper stole the show and beyond dangerous.

Beyond Oomteta defender dangerous pass of Portugal, and he missed the Giro another ball by intervening in the cross before it reaches the Jerizman .. With 78 minutes involved the French national team striker Gignac instead of the Giro and Portugal pay another securities Descent striker Eder Lopez Renato Sanchez's account.

Re-elect the Portuguese Bardah crafty from Nani was saved by goalkeeper Vigilant Loris, and won Oomteta France defender a yellow card .. and passed a shot Nani serious narrowly wide and returned Patricio to shine by addressing wonderful missile Sissoko then deported to try other than Sissoko .. and passed cross Sanya brilliant away from Gignac, who was to closely monitored, and campus-based opportunity for a certain goal by Gignac who received the ball deep in the Portugal defense and hit, but was based on the lookout to end the meeting in the original timing of the draw.

Extra time began mounted an inspired for Portugal with a header from Pepe went narrowly wide and Ahzbha referee offside, and won Guerrero player Portugal yellow card and took control of physical tackles on the meeting and received Matwedi yellow card and got William Carvalho player Portugal on warning .. and continued the French press and further Loris guard France strike the head of Portugal to end the first overtime half goalless.

Portugal abandoned its defense a little bit cautious at the beginning of the second overtime half, and won Kulana player France yellow card and the crossbar denied the Portuguese team of the opportunity to take a shot of an error on the edge of the area of ​​Guerrero to catch the game.

Eder received the ball and startle guard France Loris powerful volley into the net to announce the sudden progress of Portugal in the 109 minute to give Brazil the progress of Europe, gave the French team the last revelation of his papers Marcial on Moussa Sissoko account.

The imposition of the French team of the blockade in the last ten minutes in order to realize the equalizer and consumed Nani few minutes move on the left side .. and won Bojba ultimatum after the malfunction counterattack down the player Joao Mario, and passed the launch Marcial without dangerous and beyond Oomteta rebounds serious before it reaches Nani, and shine Patricio and further attempt by Koeman and subjected Guerrero player Portugal strong injury.

Stop defend France and other feedback from Joao Mario, and missed the last attempt from France amid the feet of the Portuguese defender Pepe with alarm and Patricio to end the meeting victory Portuguese title.

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