Al Hilal 1-1 Al Ahli Saudi Super Cup 2016 The penalty shootout (4-3)

Ahli Jeddah achieved the team, league champion and cup Custodian of the Two, the title of the Saudi Super Cup for the first time in its history by beating Crescent, the hero of the Crown Prince Cup runners-up and champions, on penalties (4-3) after the end of the meeting, the time of a positive draw (1-1) in the Summit held a match, on Monday evening at Craven Cottage stadium in London.

Crescent first goal scored defender Abdullah BRIC with a strike from stationary ball per minute (61), before he realizes the Syrian Omar Al Soma equalizer Ahli shot scissor-propelled grenades per minute (69).

In the penalty shootout record to my family in a penalty Altrahij both Motaz Hawsawi and Mustafa Al-Bassas and housain al-mogahwi and Omar Al Soma, while missed Luis Carlos where he blasted the ball awkwardly over the bar, in contrast record Crescent both Yasser Al Qahtani (on the way Panica) Nasser Al-Shamrani and Salem Al Dosari, while blocking Al Mosailem, penalty for Osama Hawsawi and Ruwaini.

Strong game came from the two teams was Ahli best team in the first quarter of an hour of the match before sealing Crescent preference and control in the rest of the events of the first half, and in the second half, the two teams shared control and acquisitions as well as the goals of the game ended with a draw positive (1-1) and resort to a penalty shootout.

Play Uruguayan Gustavo Matosas, Crescent coach, in a way (4-3-2-1) composed assortment of Abdullah Mayouf goalkeeper, Mohamed BRIC and Mohammed Jehvla and Osama Hawsawi and Fahd Gary in the defense, and Abdulmalik Khaybari and Majeed Rwaili and Salem Al Dossari Nawaf Al Abed and Mohammed Al Shalhoub in midfield, Liu Boonatina in the attack.

  In contrast play Jose Gomez, Al Ahli coach, in a way (4-2-3-1) based on composed of Yasser Al Mosailem lineup, the goalkeeper, and Mohammad Shafi, Motaz, the fuse, Aqil, in the defense and Lopez, facilitate Jassim and Salman the index, Viva, and Ali Awage in the middle of the pitch, and Omar Al Soma in the attack.

Ahli began meeting a relative advantage over rival Crescent and threatened to throw leader in more than one occasion, after further defense Crescent shot Omar Al Soma to the corner (4), followed by the Syrian striker Ptsdidtan, first went narrowly wide (9) and the second over the bar (11).

Grabbed Crescent control and the risk of civil after 14 minutes after a shot Fahd Ghazi passed from the net Alohlaoi after a great pass from the Shalhoub and demanded Liu Boonatina a penalty after an interrupted inside the penalty area by defender Ahli, but the rule of the Belgian meeting del Villarar called for the resumption of play per minute (16) before passing shot from Mohammed Al Shalhoub Alohlaoah over the bar (18).

Student Awage a penalty for my family, but the referee called for continuing to play (19), Salem Al Dosari stated a valuable opportunity Crescent squandered awkwardly (21), while confronted Al Mosailem shot Nawaf Al Abed (22), before going through a header Osama Hawsawi narrowly wide (24).

Launched Crescent several attacks, but the reckless Liu Shalhoub and Abed and Al Dosari in front of goal prevented make any goals during the first half negative, after a shot worshiper passed over the crossbar Alahlaoah (29), prey based Ahli goalkeeper shot Majeed Rwaili (34).

Omar Al Soma responded with a powerful shot from a free ball went narrowly based Hilali (35), while Tsudaid passed over for Shalhoub based goalkeeper Yasser Al Mosailem (37 and 42) and absent effective for their players to end the first half goalless.

In the second half, both teams played cautiously Offensive and concentration to play in midfield before he let loose ball Liu came within reach of Al Mosailem (52), before passing Liu rocket shot over the crossbar Alahlaoah (58).

Mohammed opened the BRIC Date Crescent per minute (60) of fixed ball bounced strongly wobbled inside the box Yasser Al Mosailem and performed Ahli coach then swapped with the participation of housain al-mogahwi instead of Viva (61).

Ahli tried to return to meet with the search for an equalizer and hit facilitate Jassim powerful shot saved by Abdullah Al Maayouf (66), before Omar Al Soma able to equalize for Al Ahli after a wonderful shot Scissor inhabited nets Mayouf per minute (69).

Crescent coach conducted the first Tbdelath with the participation of the Salman Al-Faraj Shalhoub expense (70), in turn pay the alternative Ahli coach Mustafa Besasa instead of Ali Awage before the Crescent coach pays switched striker Leo and share Nasser Shamrani.

The pace of play fell in the final minutes into the match, especially after the departure of Al Shalhoub and Liu source of dangerous leader, co Mohammed Aman instead of Mohammed Al fuse (87), then passed through a shot Alsomh over the crossbar semicircular (89), and during the final minutes participated Yasser Al Qahtani, instead of the worshiper to end the meeting in a goalless draw and both teams to invoke the penalty shootout that redress for Ahli in the end.

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