Algeria goalkeeper errors give victory Honduras 3-2

Aolympiadtlqy Algerian team blow in the opener rivalries men's soccer, Olympics, Rio de Janeiro, after losing a sudden 2/3 in front of Honduras, in the first round of Group D matches on the first floor of the competitions, on Thursday.

Algerian national team and appeared in baht, during the first half of the match, witnessed by Gianni Infantino President of the International Chess Federation (FIFA), Issa Hayatou, President of the African Union (K), and Mohammed Roraoh president of the Football Federation of Algeria, to end the progress of Honduras two straight.

And made Rommel Kyoto, the first goal for Honduras in the 13th minute, before teammate Marcelo Pereira added a second goal in the 33rd minute from a fatal mistake for the Algerian goalkeeper Farid turned off.

And try the Algerian national team, bounce back in the second half, pulled a goal back in the 69th minute, after bin Sufyan Dabke scored the first goal in the 69th minute.

During attempts Algerian team tie, Antony Lozano scored the third goal for Honduras in the 79th minute, taking advantage of another error from Algerian goalkeeper, before returning Baghdad Punjah game to the atmosphere of excitement again after the second goal for the team of Algeria record before the end of five minutes.

The final minutes saw a very exciting, in light of the desire of the Algerian national team in the kidnapping of an equalizer, but to no avail to receive the first loss in the Olympics.

Honduras and won the first three points in the group, sits on her lead temporarily, before meeting teams of Portugal and Argentina, which will be held later in the day, as part of the same group, as appended to the team of Algeria, the order of the group without a point.

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