Danilo missile lead Real Madrid to overcome Bayern Munich 1-0

Real Madrid team concluded its participation International Cup of Champions Football precious victory over Bayern Munich in order to clean, in the early hours of Thursday morning on "Maitlaev Stadium" American Stadium in New Jersey at the end of the tournament.

The Brazilian defender Danilo winning goal for the club in the Royal minute (79) after the manipulation defense of Bayern Munich and powerful shot past goalkeeper Oolreic inhabited.

And the superiority of the student Zidane on his mentor and coach Ancelotti in the meeting, administration and compensation for the loss to PSG by three goals to aim and achieve win the second tournament after beating Chelsea by three goals to two goals while Bayern Munich losing in front of AC Milan on penalties after the tie with three goals to three and then beat Inter's lead to 4 -1 before losing to Real Madrid.

Zidane played for the squad sacked Ascencio and Diaz, Kovacic and engaged Isco and Modric and Khames where the meeting started off with: Caccia- Carvakhal- Faran- Marcelo Ramos, Kasimiro- Mordic- to Ukas- Aescu- Khames- Murata.

On the other hand chose Ancelotti, coach of Bayern, make Ribery on the bench and turned in his own way to play your favorite 4-3-2-1 with transforming Lam and Alava Suites The full selection: Oolreic- Bernat, Feldhan, Martinez, Rafinaa- Thiago, Alonso, L. Vidal- , Oba- Green.

He began the meeting, the acquisition of Bayern on the ball, on the other hand, Real Madrid tried to absorb the acquisition of the Bavarian without creating any team any attempt in the first 5 minutes before the guard rial Cassia comes out of his punishment in order to stop a dangerous attack and prevent the ball from reaching the Green Zone (8).

And committed Casimiro error to give Bayern a free kick from about 30 meters wide and bounced Alava powerful ball juxtaposition based (10 minute), and in the 12th minute sent Tiago superb long pass towards Vidal but the Chilean failed to follow-up and wasted a great opportunity to score), while erred Rafinha deportation ball and opens the way for Isco to get into the penalty area but the header Rodriguez were not serious enough to disturb Oolreic (15).

The most dangerous chance in the first half strong and brilliant shot from Alava from direct free but the ball hit the post and leave the stadium (26), it stated Vidal shot that managed to keep it away from the Cassia (28) before he saves another shot from Alcantara (33).

The first half was negative and earned Bayern Munich on 5 shots, including Tsudaid on goal while Real Madrid only a single shot outside the goal.

In the second half, Murata wasted a certain goal because of frivolity (60), while rocked shot Isco based goalkeeper Bayern Munich (62), before Zidane Bdiaz and Oodejard pays on Isco and Carvajal account.

Absent effective for pecking teams push each coach Ptbdelath even managed Danilo to score the winning goal for Real Madrid of individual effort and shot grenades in 79 minutes, and the failure of Bayern in the return match in the remaining minutes to finish the match after Real's victory over Bayern Munich in order to Danilo.

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