Goals match Zamalek and Ismaili of Egypt Cup 4-0

Zamalek won a landslide victory at the expense of his Ismaili four goals, on Wednesday evening, the Egyptian Army Stadium in Alexandria Borg El Arab rivalries within the role of the four championships Egypt Cup.
And qualified Zamalek, champions three times in succession, the final of the Egyptian Cup awaits face the winner of the encounter Ahli ENPPI which will be held Thursday Third Army Stadium in Suez.

Ayman Hefny was the star of the net in the match and secured victory for Zamalek after a pretty goal made by the White team in the 49th minute and made the second goal for the name of Morsi touch of magic record in 63 minutes and contributed to the third goal scored by the name of Morsi in the 70th minute before scoring the Zambian Mayoka fourth goal Industry 85 minutes from the penalty spot.

The game started individual attempts of Ayman Hefny and Shikabala dual Zamalek but Ismaili also took the initiative to attack a joint roller between Ahmad Saidi striker dervishes and Ali Jaber and got Saidi wrong, and missed Ahmed Tawfiq attempt to close for Zamalek shot hit the feet defenders Ismaili 12 minutes.

Ali Fathi occasional quick farthest Ismaili defense and shot from Ayman Hefny narrowly wide, and the campus of the left post Ismaili chance of progress with a magnificent strike from Ahmad Jamal in the 19th minute.

After 25 minutes, the Ismaili gained confidence and made an aggressive attempt with distinctive Zmlkkawih stray from Shikabala then serious chance for Zamalek with a header from a cross, taking advantage of the name of Morsi, Ahmed Tawfiq, but goalkeeper Mohammed Awad spectacular diving export an special.

Shikabala exchange of passes and doubles, but doubles reckless shot went narrowly wide, and dashed Ali Fathi twice and drew twice Ardatin Obadahma defense Ismaili brilliantly .. and try Saidi striker dervishes access to Zamalek goalkeeper stroke weak head.

Selfish Tawfiq paid for a shot over the bar despite offering fellow Dexter doubles and Shikabala forward in an attempt Zmlkkawih close to end the first half goalless draw.

Ismaili began the second half of Saidi weak shot in the hand Shinawi also missed Shikabala attempt to close corrected too weak saved by goalkeeper Awad.

In the 49th minute, scored Ayman Hefny goal for Zamalek cannonball of an ace not respond lived past goalkeeper Mohammed Awad, who could only look on amid claims from the players Ismaili cancel due to his goal for handball against doubles.

And gave Hafni magic pass to Ahmad Tawfiq, who placed it in the hands of goalkeeper Awad wasted a chance the second goal for Zamalek .. and got Fathi left-back for Zamalek a yellow card for blocking cream Bamboo.

Shenawi parried Bamboo serious, and engaged Ismaili in the 58th minute thanks to a change Descent Najib Ahmad Jamal account to activate the attack as Zamalek pay him for Mustafa Fathi on Shikabala account.

Missed Mostafa Fathi Anfrada frank Bmmermy Ismaili in his first touch, and drew a symbolic Khaled powerful shot narrowly wide and succeeded as the Mursi in the second goal in the 63rd minute from a great pass from the right interface doubles and scored as the brilliantly against Awad.

Beyond defense Zamalek serious attempt by the Ismaili pass cross was saved by the White defenders and drew Shukri Najib stray shot narrowly wide .. and engaged Ismaili player Mahmoud Hamad Ahmad Saeedi, instead of 66 minutes.

In the 70th minute, scored the third goal as the Mursi Zamalek Antarah to witness the establishment of Ali Jaber with a magic pass from Ayman Hefny to pass algebra back to the name of the last recorded third goal.

Head Bnahina kick went narrowly wide, and pay Zamalek second substitutions in the 74th minute revelation of Ibrahim Salah, instead of Ayman Hefny star of the game .. and face Shukri Najib shot narrowly wide with the participation of the Zambian Mayoka Ramzi Khaled account in 80 minutes in another Zamalek changes while Ismaili pay him for Khaled Eid instead of cream Bamboo.

The smiling face Morsi brilliant shot over the bar, and got the name of a penalty on 85 minutes after docking in the penalty area to score the fourth goal Mayoka for Zamalek.

The face of Mustafa Fathi powerful shot blocked by goalkeeper Awad, presented as the light of the injury and won Ali Fathi one of the best players Zamalek error on the edge of the area in the last minute and beyond Awad fifth goal with a header for the name of Morsi to filed Ismaili trophy and climb Zamalek in the final next Monday.

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