Olympic Summer Games - Rio 2016: Opening Ceremony Summary

Brazilian President Michel Temer Agency today opened the Summer Olympic Games to be hosted by Rio de Janeiro until August 21 / August, amid booed in protest at the political and economic situation in the country.
The ceremony began with a musical Bmazovat accompanied by lighting techniques and danced on the pitch, which has seen the majestic doors tight security under the supervision of 10 thousand police.
The singer sang the Brazilian Paulinho da Viola Brazilian national anthem of the pitch, which plays the guitar, accompanied by an orchestra.
Oversaw the ceremony Mirilish filmmaker 'The Constant Gardner "and" Blandnas ", with the assistance of other Snimaiah citizens Ondrousha Waddington and Daniela Thomas Woody Rosa Magalyaes, and the last two Achtsasitan in organizing carnivals that have been inspiration them a lot in this ceremony.
The ceremony marked by superb technical panels, and a trip through the most distinctive phases in the history of the country: Portuguese colonialism, slavery, and the flight of aviation pioneer Alberto Santos on his plane 14 bis in the early twentieth century.
After the end of the technical offer queue began participating delegations Login starting host the first modern games in 1896, the Greek delegation.

And the granting of Brazilian Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima racing former marathon runner honor of lighting the Olympic cauldron at the opening of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics ceremony.

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