Zamalek - Egypt 1: 0 Enyimba - Nigeria

Zamalek won dearly and whatever at home to Enyimba of Nigeria in order to calculate without a response, on Monday evening, the Petrosport Stadium in the presence of more than five thousand fans in the fifth round and the penultimate role groups in the African Champions League football championship.

Scored the only goal of the meeting on behalf of Morsi from the penalty spot 63 minutes obtained by Ayman Hefny star of the game after a handball from Enyimba defender inside the penalty area ..

Zamalek and book a ticket to qualify for the semi-finals of the African Champions League, ranking the second place in Group B with six points behind Mamelodi Sundowns of South Africa, who secured the lead and score 9 points before the last round.

Expected to face Zamalek facing leaders first group either Wydad or ZESCO Zambia, according to the result of the match which will be held between them in the last round.

Zamalek and qualified for the semi-finals of the Champions League for the first time in 11 years as a whole was his last appearance at this stage in 2005, while Enyimba and let the tournament officially.

Zamalek dominated since the first minutes on the course of the meeting and actively Mostafa Fathi rapid wing and making the first chance on goal Enyimba in the fifth minute shot over the bar.

Nigerian team quickly and cohesion after a quick and spirited white beginning and saved goalkeeper Ahmed Shenawi after a cross from Enyimba.

And spoiled Ali Jabr neat pass from Enyimba and then the start of Ahmed Tawfiq has not been completed in the right front, and won Femi Oladapo defender Enyimba yellow card roughness against Ayman Hefny During the quarter, the first hour I miss the players white team focus and characterized performance frequently passes broken.

Goalkeeper Theoboles Ovelo Enyimba and saved a certain goal in the 17th minute after a cross from Ahmed Tawfiq wonderful sent by the head of the name of Morsi also starred Shenawi guard Zamalek and beyond header from striker Enyimba.

And increased the rhythm of the meeting, the speed and exciting to witness the establishment of Mostafa Fathi, who failed to tame a magic pass from Ayman Hefny while Islam Jamal spoiled the opportunity to Enyimba.

Tariq Hamid sent a strong shot narrowly wide, and won Emmanuel Aanano midfielder Enyimba warning for roughness against Hamid and passed cross Tawfiq without dangerous .. Enyimba and could have scored a goal from a serious head blow Oonaguibo which over the bar and missed Ibrahim Salah header narrowly wide in the 34th minute.

Enyimba players performance was characterized by a private Emmanuel Aanano violence midfielder Giant, and passed Mostafa Fathi's cross to the name of Morsi was saved by goalkeeper Enyimba.

And missed Zamalek unrealized header to Ayman Hefny chance Ahzbha offside rule and missed another ball hit the unknown guns Nigerian team to end the first half the two teams draw negative.

Launched the Nigerian Zamalek player known and almost up to the goal Enyimba but the defense spoiled the attempt Elzimlkkawih early with the beginning of the second half, and won Dare Ojo defender Enyimba yellow card for a tackle known in the left front and missed Mostafa Fathi chance close shot over the crossbar in the 50th minute.

The face of Ayman Hefny shot poorly in the hands of goalkeeper Enyimba but Zamalek became more active on the offensive front, and passed cross Mostafa Fathi in front of the feet as the Morsi fired Ahmed Tawfiq cannonball blocked by goalkeeper brilliantly and then deprived sneak on behalf of a certain goal and farther defense Enyimba shot Mostafa Fathi serious and engaged Enyimba change the first landing of Aziz Abu farther Emmanuel Aanano dangerous pass from Ayman Hefny.

Ayman Hefny and got a penalty shot after he touched the defender Enyimba scored as the Mursi goal for Zamalek in the 63rd minute from a penalty.

Nigerian team abandoned the defensive warned him after the goal of Zamalek and beyond Ahmed Tawfiq serious pass defense in depth and Ayman Hefny missed the target on the way the Argentine Maradona after rip players Enyimba but shot narrowly wide.

The campus sneak Mophun striker filled it resulted Enyimba certain goal, while engaged Zamalek change the first 71 minutes Descent Mahmoud Abdel Razek "Shikabala" instead of Mostafa Fathi, who made a great effort and continued Ayman Hefny Vosalh footwork and rip player Enyimba brilliantly received crossbar cannonball left-back Nigerian team Cheema Akkas in 73 minutes.

Enyimba began attacking activity another shot from filled it saved Shenawi, pay Zamalek new Ballowavd Nigerian Stanley instead of the name of Morsi in the 78th minute and passed cross Shikabala over the head of Ali Jaber Zmlkkawih chance to close and pay Enyimba striker Peter Oonaakasha to activate the front line.

He complained Ayman Hefny from injury to leave the pitch after 85 minutes and took part in his place Zambian striker Mayoka, and face filled it a shot over the bar and then Islam Jamal spoiled another opportunity to Enyimba before roaring Shikabala investigator in the six-yard goal to end the meeting victory Zamalek and ascension to the semifinals.
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